1. Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Super Intelligence
  2. Human functional threefolding and the heart
  3. Brain, heart, and how do we move?
  4. Self-leadership
  5. Leadership in organisations
  6. Fully human
"Alexander Schwedeler breaks new ground in his important book on artificial intelligence; he marshals scientific evidence pointing to a more complete image of the human being, much richer and more profound than the digitised caricature of what it means to be human. He then uses this knowledge to build true human organisations. The book is unique in its focus on how to stay truly human individually and in the context of 21st institutions."
Nicanor Perlas, Right Livelihood (Alternative Nobel) Awardee and author, “Humanity’s Last Stand: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence. A Spiritual-Scientific Response”
It is available in any bookstore and on Amazon as ebook for kindle reader, and as paperback version.