My new book is out:  Fully Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Alexander Schwedeler

It has four parts: 
1. In the first part I ask the question if and when, how, humanity will be able to control artificial super intelligence? When ASI has reached human level intelligence, when it is self-learning, when nobody will be able to control anymore how it is self-learning (because it will be too fast), what will the machine then do with humans?
2. In the second part I collect recent scientific evidence that the heart is much more than just a pump. It is a sensing organ, highly intelligent and able to support good judgement. I describe the human being including its 'I' as a spiritual being.
3. In the third part I deal with self-leadership and how self-leadership is the prerequisite for leadership in organisations.
4. In the fourth part I put together some elements of horizontal leadership, as we use them as IMO Consultants, many of those who have been developed by Adriaan Bekman and friends.
I also ask: Do we need a second enlightenment? A scientific approach to not only materialism but also including the non-physical realm, the quantum realm, or spiritual realm?
The book is divided in many shorter chapters so that the reader can jump in and read a bit. It is not necessary to read the book from beginning to end.
It is available in any bookstore and on Amazon as ebook for kindle reader, and as paperback version.